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What is a ‘conceptaanvraag’ (draft application)?

If you have plans to build or renovate, while there is uncertainty about the feasibility of your building plan, it is possible to have a draft application provided by us on the basis of global drawings and data. The building plan is checked by the municipality against the zoning plan and can be submitted to the design review committee if desired. In this way it is possible to find out, without too high costs, whether your building plan is feasible or not. Of course you can only build when you have also applied for the building permit required for your building plan for the building activity and it has been granted to you. The municipality strives to answer your draft request within eight weeks. This can also take much longer in case of pressure of work and / or complexity. This is an indication date because there is no final deadline (that’s only with a permit).

What does a splitting plan cost and how long does it take to draw?
  • Spliting plan (entry level price) €350,-
  • Spliting plan incl. measuring (entry level price) €700,- *
  • Uurtarief tekenaar €50,- / €75,-
  • Uurtarief advies/projectbegeleiding €75,- / €80,-

* = only within the city of amsterdam

the above is exclusive of VAT

Splitting drawings are a high priority for us and can often be worked out within a week or a few days (except holiday periods).


What is needed for a draft application?

For a draft environmental permit application, less data is needed than for an environmental permit application.

Design review committee

  • Facade drawings, cross-sections and floor plans of the existing and new condition, scale 1: 100
  • Detail drawings of face-determining parts, scale 1: 5/10
  • Situation drawing scale 1: 500/1000
    Photos of the current situation and adjacent buildings
    Information about material and color use of the facades, window frames, windows and doors, roofing, the finishing of the roof edge / roof gutter (board section), skirting boards, and the like.

When deviating from the zoning plan

  • Situation drawing, scale 1: 500/1000
  • Describe the change in relation to the current situation (eg hair salon or home office)
  • Floorplans existing and new situation, scale 1: 100

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