Offringa Bouwmanagement (OBM) is an architectural firm with more than 10 years of experience in supervising and taking care of the necessary permits for the (re) building process and the architectural- and splitting drawings. Distinctive through commitment, creativity and integrated approach.

Expand and/or change appearance

Underpinning / cellars
 Expansion / balcony

 Dakopbouw / roof terrace
Gevelwijziging / kozijnen

Change interior and / or use

Verbouwing / Muurdoorbraak
Zolder omzetten

 Splitting building / Samenvoegen
 Bedrijfsruimte omzetten


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Eerste Helmersstraat, Amsterdam (2016-2017)

For a project developer, we have provided several building requests for a building on Eerste Helmersstraat.

Biesboschstraat, Amsterdam (2014-2015)

Biesboschstraat, Amsterdam (2014-2015)

For a property manager, Offringa Bouwadvies has made a design to make separate attic storage an independent, liberalized living space.


Haarlemmerdijk (monument), Amsterdam (2014-2015)

The permits for this monument on the Haarlemmerdijk have been applied for in phases and consisted, among other things, of various internal changes, the adaptation of dormer windows, the installation of skylights, partial foundation repair and the installation of windows.


Kanaalstraat, Amsterdam (2013-2014)

The originally religious complex was built around 1900 and has been used for a while by the Bishop of Haarlem who settled in Amsterdam. The complex consisted of a church, pastorate and was also a school that was taught by the sisters who lived there.


de Wittenkade, Amsterdam (2012-2014)

Renovation has taken place for 3 buildings at the Wittenkade in Amsterdam. This means that the entire building must comply with the new building regulations. As soon as this new construction declaration has been issued, it can then be split up without a license.


Willemsparkweg, Amsterdam (2014-2015)

For a project developer, we have applied for permits to create a more practical layout for this monument that is both contemporary and also tried to preserve the many characteristic parts as much as possible. Several parts of the building have therefore been worked out in great detail as a working drawing.


Passeerdersgracht, Amsterdam (2011)

The existing situation was a 2-layer + hood + single-layer rebuilding. The final design contained a basement, first floor, 1st, 2nd (with balconies) and attic floor + a double-layer rebuilding with terrace.


Vierwindendwarsstraat, Amsterdam (2010-2011)

The Vierwindendwarsstraat is located on the Realeneiland. An island that has undergone a major change in recent years. The buildings at the rear are for a large part renewed or consist of new construction.

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